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A little about CanadianISP - Is a wholly owned project of Marc Bissonnette / InternAlysis.
It was originally created as a joint venture with Bob Carrick of Carrick Solutions, with sole ownership transferring to Marc Bissonnette on February 16th, 2004. is the only website that allows you to search for an Internet service provider (Dial-up, ISDN, DSL, Cable, Satellite, Point to Point, Wireless, Voice Over IP (VoIP)), PBX services, bonded and symmetric DSL anywhere in Canada. Customers can post reviews, and ISPs submit their own services. All for free.

CanadianISP is also one of the most accurate and most up-to-date ISP lists on the 'net. There are many ISP lists out there, but the vast majority of them (as far as we have seen and we last searched and looked in April of 2011) are out of date, listing companies no longer in business, no longer providing connectivity or simply pages of ads with no relevance to the users' search parameters.

ISPs can submit and edit / update their own services at all times, free of charge.

Users of are able to search for an Internet service provider on a variety of fields, price range, city, type of service etc. Users are then presented with a list of ISPs that match those fields and can then click on any of those providers to find more detailed information.

Users of are able to rate and review their Internet service provider (ISP). Those reviews will be averaged out and viewed on the detail page specific to that Internet service provider (ISP). This gives other consumers an idea about the opinions the service provider enjoys in the eyes of its customers.

CanadianISP was launched Friday June 14th 2002. Development and improvement has been an ongoing process since launch. Over 220 (~33% of all ISPs in Canada) ISPs are now listed on the website serving over 7,000 cities across Canada. We continue to grow, with new ISPs adding themselves on a regular basis, as well as new search options and ISP information being added.

CanadianISPs' single largest source of ideas for new growth and evolution comes from our users: Both ISPs and consumers. Fully three quarters of the features and options you see within this site today are a direct result of requests from the public or the ISPs listed within.

CanadianISP is consistently either the #1 search result or in the top three search results for any major city name in canada plus the term "ISP" or "Internet Service Provider". CanadianISP is also referenced by provincial and municipal governments, media outlets and over 11,000 websites linking back to us as the single most authoritative - and neutral - Internet Service Provider information resource in Canada.
This has been accomplished by solid and relevant content, constant positive user reviews, word of mouth and use by the media as a source for informing consumers that they have a choice in Internet Service Providers in Canada.

If you wish to know a little more about me, professionally, you may review my resume:
Marc Bissonnette - Ontario, Canada. Curriculum Vitae / Resume

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