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Why advertise on CanadianISP ?

The best reason for advertising on CanadianISP is the targeted traffic. The most distinguishing fact about traffic to CanadianISP is that ALL the visitors to this website are highly focused traffic: They are here for one thing and one thing only: To look for, compare and select an Internet Service Provider. Our visitors are not looking for gardening advice, they are not looking for financial products or a new car. This highly targeted visitor profile means your ads - and your listing - on CanadianISP are hitting a much more receptive audience than general advertising on a search engine or social media - Visitors to CanadianISP have already gone beyond the step of searching for options for ISPs and have come to a website where their next choice is made: Your ads are there to help influence that choice they are about to make.

This means that we do not accept ads for car dealers, banks, health products or anything not related directly to the IT and ISP industry. The reason is simple: They would generate very low interest and therefore very low effect.

Traffic numbers

Traffic from Jan - Sep, went live on Friday, June 14th, 2002.

Traffic to the site has consistently grown larger, year after year.

At present, CanadianISP averages 35,000 unique visitors per month, making an average of 50,000 visits per month and viewing an average of 138,750 pages per month.

What this means is nearly two visits per visitor (return visitors are good) and the average visitor is viewing at least three pages per visit (viewers are engaged with the site)

To date, we are at over 7,500,000 searches for ISPs and over 220 ISPs listed on the site from coast to coast in Canada. CanadianISP is promoted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and many, many other websites. We are also regulars within the web community. CanadianISP is linked to by thousands of other sites on the 'net - from people sharing a link on a better deal in private email to provincial and federal pages listing ISPs by province, county or city.

Listing an ISP on CanadianISP, just like using it, is completely free of charge. There are no "catches" to listing on CanadianISP. All ISPs have access to real-time traffic data on the site - including the custom-tracked searches by province, city, service type, residential and business searches. We also track the total numbers of searches, the number of times all ISPs detail pages have been viewed as well as how often they are clicked through to their own company pages.

These tools prove invaluable to ISPs in planning service area and type expansions and support, as well as an element of competitive data to learn who is doing better than they are.

ISPs who have never advertised on CanadianISP receive a 50% discount to any and all services up to six months - This is testament to our confidence in just how effective ISP advertising on CanadianISP is.

Our rate sheet is available here and custom pricing for large or complex campaigns are available upon request.

Last updated: May 30th, 2020

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