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Adding your ISP to CanadianISP

ISPs (Any firm which provides access from a customer to the Internet, be it narrowband or broadband and is available to the general public, either residential or business) submit their own services for free and have the ability to update those services at any time (password protected). Once a provider is submitted, the ISPs information is confirmed by (on a "best effort" basis to protect consumers from false or misleading listings) and added to our database. The newly submitted ISP is then immediately visible within the customized search engine of when the ISP's services match those being searched for by the consumer.

Why would you want to register? has received over 40 million hits, 10 million page views and millions of searches for services since July of 2002.

When you register your ISP on our website you receive a userid and password to the ISP only section. There you can update your service listing in real time, get our monthly news letter to ISPs and get access to real time search and demographic data from across Canada.
" site is a very effective marketing vehicle. It's been driving steady traffic with an 11% conversion (to actual customers, which is unheard of these days)." said Sean D'Arcy of 3Web

The form is a little long due to the level of detail CanadianISP searches provide. This benefits the consumers because they get more relevant search results and you, the ISP, by sending qualified new customers to your web site, Facebook, Twitter or direct phone calls. Please enter every thing as explained on the form especially your cities served (easiest way is to cut and paste from a list you should have on file and comma separated IE: Ottawa,Toronto,Kingston)

Depending on the services you provide, the area you cover and the options you excersise on CanadianISP, you can usually expect to see from 4-10 new accounts sent your way (for ISPs covering large urban areas) each and every month - without spending a dime. ISPs who have chosen to utilize some of the paid advertising features on CanadianISP see an average of 50 new accounts per month, directly attributable to CanadianISP. Before you dismiss 4-10 accounts as "not all that much", take a look at this chart which shows the cumulative profits the average ISP sees from these new accounts being sent their way.

If you're still not sure about the benefits of listing your ISP with CanadianISP, which is completely free, check out the ISP's Guide to CanadianISP.

If there are things you don't see in the form and you want to, get in touch with us.

If, and only if, you are an ISP employee (who has the authority to submit your services) please continue to the ISP submit form and fill it out with as much detail as possible. The more detail you use the better you will compare to other ISPs covering your area.

See our advertising page for options on improving your search positioning and eye-catchers.

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