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What you can do in the fight against pedophiles and child molesters

You're just an average Jane or Joe, right ? You're not in law enforcement, so you're thinking this article does not apply to you ?

You could not be more wrong.

Each and every hour of every day, children are exploited, harmed and molested by truly evil people and they are helped, unwittingly, by thousands of people who would be mortified if they knew just how big a role they're playing in the spread of child pornography and advocacy of pedophilia.

So how can you make a difference ?

Secure your networks.

For one: Secure your wireless devices - Iphones, wireless routers, laptops and so on: Your networking setup should absolutely be using some form of encryption or network protection. Many, many pedophiles take advantage of unsecured wireless networks by simply driving around a town with a laptop, looking for unsecured networks. Once they find one (Many home-use wireless routers have more than enough range to reach clear through a house and across a street), they pull over and start sending and receiving child pornography images - or worse - engage in the solicitation or grooming of children for their "needs". What is worse second only to the child abuse itself is that if and when law enforcement traces this heinous activity back to its source, they will find YOUR network as the source of the illegal activity.

Scan for viruses

Second: Run regular virus scanners. In addition to computer viruses that can harm your computer by deleting information, much more common are the viruses that turn your machine into a "zombie", or a computer that sends out hundreds of thousands of spam messages. However - and more crucially - not all those spams are ads for penis pills or stock frauds: Many of these zombie machines are used to spread child pornography images in order to keep their pedophile authors and true distributors safe from discovery. Once again, however, if and when it is traced back to its source, the phrase "world of hurt" will not even begin to describe the scenario you will face in trying to prove your innocence through ignorance. Better to avoid it all in the first place.

Change your passwords regularly

Thirdly: Many, if not most, regular home users not only use the same password for years on end, not only do they use the same password for multiple online resources (Perhaps the worst example would be using your Facebook password as your online banking password) but people also use disgustingly easy passwords to guess (or rather: Brute force attack by a computer running your account through a dictionary): At the very least, your password should not be:

  1. found in a dictionary
  2. found in a baby names book
  3. be a date of birth, phone number or address of anyone you know.

Those are the top three easy to guess/easy to find pieces information to get your password. In addition to cracked passwords potentially causing you to lose money from online banking accounts, your online game accounts or cause embarrassing posts supposedly made by you, your cracked account can then also be used to send and receive child pornography images by the very pedophiles you would rather see in jail, rather than helping them out.

It is not just the complaints about inappropriate postings allegedly made by you, or the complaints you will have to make to your banks and other online accounts you need to worry about, but the possible legal ramifications, the damage to your reputation and, most importantly, the fact that you've made it easier for pedophiles and child molesters to do what they do.

Avoid it all by following the common-sense advice above.

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