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Questions about business on
Advertising your business
Customer and public relations
Personal and business reputation maintenance
Spam - Avoiding receiving and sending
Security practices on the Internet
Employee / Employer relations
Web traffic
Internet in general

Questions about business on

  • The CanadianISP ISP Guide to CanadianISP . This quick reference lists the benefits you will see from listing your ISP on the largest ISP comparison site in Canada.
  • The ISP Guide: How to generate the most business from CanadianISP. A detailed guide on making the most from your ISPs' listing with CanadianISP and to direct more traffic from us to your company website.
  • I have questions about advertising on Canadian ISP - Where to I look ? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for Advertising (The AdFAQ).
  • Conversion increase FAQ for ISPs. Tips on increasing the conversion of your visitors to paying subscribers.
  • Getting the most out of (or any other directory/listing/comparison site) for your business
  • Advertising your business

  • Are you thinking of giving Multi Level Marketing (MLM) a try ? Take a quick peek at our intro/guide, first!
  • Organic marketing versus everything else on the Internet
  • Life in a small town and the knowledge economy
  • Why cost per acquisition advertising doesn't work - For the media provider (Also known as "Pay per conversion" or Pay per action")
  • Earning revenue on the 'net with your own expertise.
  • Consider your market - No, REALLY consider your market!
  • Email Marketing: The real deal
  • Email Marketing: Email frequency
  • Updating Web Content for the Sake of Updating: Is It Worth It ?
  • Promoting MLM sites
  • The secret to getting a good Google rank ? Your site has to be good.
  • Writing About Your Products or Services on Your Web Site. Writing to get people to want to buy from you, rather than just listing features and prices.
  • Taking a break from your own hype.
  • Writing to Sell Without Selling.
  • Web Site Identity Crises: When a Business Advertises More Than One Specialty.
  • Your Business & Social Media: Making It Worthwhile For You AND Your Public
  • My business is too small to be on the 'net... Right ?
  • Giving Your Web Visitors a Reason NOT to click "Back"
  • Email marketing & communications: What to say to readers
  • Writing to Sell to Small Business - REAL Small Business
  • The Great Unwashed Hordes - Dealing with the mosaic that is the public
  • When running a business - ESPECIALLY a new business - You NEED to advertise
  • Great Marketing is More Than Just Profit vs Cost: It's About Education
  • Is your business ready to be recommended to complete strangers ?
  • Business email: Five seconds to trash or continued interest
  • Customer and public relations

  • Lost Manners = Lost Money.
  • Keeping customers happy BEFORE they leave.
  • Ensuring a customer loss is a temporary one, not a permanent one
  • A little humility goes a LONG way in public relations
  • Freedom of speech is a VERY sharp, double edged sword
  • Dealing with negative or angry custmers
  • Personal and business reputation maintenance

  • Repairing ones' reputation on Usenet/The Internet
  • Building your reputation on Usenet/The Internet
  • It is never too soon - and you are never too young - to start controlling your image online
  • Repairing Your Credit as an Individual or Sole Proprietorship
  • Spam - Avoiding receiving and sending

  • Effective Spam Filtering by SpamHaus.
  • Security practices on the Internet

  • The CanadianISP Introduction to Usenet Guide
  • 'Popular' Trojans/Viruses and Removal Tips by Brielle Bruns, of AHBL (Abusive Hosts Blocking List)
  • What you can do in the fight against pedophiles and child molesters (Some common sense - and easy - advice)
  • Sexting - Why you shouldn't do it and how to do it when you send it anyway.. If you must send racy content, some suggestions on doing it intelligently.
  • Simple filters for organizing email.
  • Simple Security Tips for Home & Small Business
  • Employee / Employer relations

  • Recognizing your position of power with your employer - and leveraging it.
  • Using your leverage as a valuable employee to get a raise or promotion.
  • Web traffic

  • Web Traffic Analysis - Telling the story through your traffic logs
  • Web Statistics: Google Analytics vs Server Side Log analysis
  • Internet industry

  • How "last mile" providers, telcos and cablecos, could improve the entire industry (And how they could do better for the public, the ISPs and their share holders )
  • So, you want to be an ISP ? Part I
  • Business and Advertisements and Privacy: Not the conspiracy some might think
  • Does your ISP have data caps ? If it doesn't, great, but if so: Is it too low ?
  • Which is the best ISP for me ? (Or "Is price always better ?")
  • Internet for business: Telco, Cableco or independent ISP ?
  • Six ways your Internet Service Provider can help you with your business
  • E-Commerce Logistics: The Evolution of Logistics and Supply Chains from Direct to Store Models to E-Commerce
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